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Cheap Jerseys.Mother's Day is less than two weeks away. You know what that means: Better prepare yourself for co-workers bombarding you with questions about your plans for mom. Cheap Jerseys From China.You should get a head start on brunch reservations, too. Also, don't forget to start looking at which 2017 car models best suit your mom.Uh, well, that last part may apply if you're a first-round 2017 NFL Draft pick.Wholesale NFL Jerseys. Last week Deshaun Watson gave his mom, Deann Watson, a brand new Jaguar SUV for her birthday. This week, Leonard Fournette gave his mom, Lory, a new Mercedes SUV -- either just because, or he could be getting a head start on Mother's Day.

Cheap Football Jerseys.Haloti Ngata, the massive Detroit Lions defensive tackle, has heard all the research about CTE and the long-term brain effects of playing professional football. It’s got to be scary for pro football players, especially as they get older and start thinking about life after retirement. Before choosing to continue his NFL career, Ngata chose to have his brain examined, according to ESPN’s Michael Rothstein.The idea belonged to Ngata’s agent, and after giving it some thought, the 33-year-old Ngata decided it was a good idea.Authentic NFL Jerseys. He had cognitive and brain exams performed at the CORE Institute in Brighton, Mich. The series of tests was extensive; it spanned two weeks and included a brain scan and psychological tests, among other assessments. He was tested while both actively working out and resting.

Cheap NFL Jerseys."With all the things that's going on with the brain and stuff throughout the league, you definitely keep an eye on, you hear that stuff and you don't want—me especially. I don't want to have problems when I'm older," said Ngata, who has had one diagnosed concussion. "I want to be able to raise my kids and be able to play with them when they are older and still be able to beat them in wrestling matches and stuff when they are teenagers."Ngata said he has changed his playing approach in recent years. In the early part of his career, he admitted, "I used my head a lot more," but he has learned new techniques that are safer.

Custom Jerseys.As for the results of the tests? They were "pretty good, or really good, actually," Ngata said Thursday. "Brain is good to go, keep on hitting.""I've talked to some of our PA guys here and trying to spread the word out more," Ngata said.Cheap Authentic Jerseys. "The better we can get at getting some of these athletes to go out and get those brain checks, it's safer and better for everyone."Ngata said the positive evaluation led him to commit to another year of football—he is an 11-year NFL veteran—but continuing after that will be a year-to-year decision with his wife and family.

Wholesale Jerseys.Free agency gutted the Cardinals' defense, which is why it was no surprise when Arizona used its first two picks for linebacker Haason Reddick and safety Budda Baker. That they did not also get a potential quarterback of the future was a function of Arizona's limited draft capital. Teams that maneuvered for QBs paid handsomely for the opportunity."I liked Reddick a lot -- he's a freaking baller," a personnel director said. "The guy I did not like as much as some people liked was Budda Baker. He is tough and good, but he is not a safety. Cheapjerseys.He is a nickel and not a nickel that plays man. He is a zone-reliant nickel. His optimum fit was to go to Arizona, though, because he is a little bit like Tyrann Mathieu. Arizona is good at thinking outside the box, so this is a good fit."

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