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The Browns have been down the improved-defense-in-preseason road several times the past however many years, so the fact that the defense has not given up a touchdown to starters should be taken with a grain of salt.Cheap Jerseys.But Jackson’s focus to win this season is on running the ball, playing defense and welcoming any growth he can get from the quarterback.Wholesale Jerseys.The addition of Gregg Williams as coordinator was considered a vital move inside the team’s offices. The team drafted Myles Garrett and Jabrill Peppers.


Lack of commitment has caused many Browns quarterbacks to play with doubt, which can’t happen at that position.Jerseys For Sale.The decision to start Kizer does not have the feel of a “four games and we’ll see” kind of thing. Jackson said on Sunday the team is in with Kizer for the long haul, through the expected and normal ups and downs. Jimmy Haslam is committed to Jackson, and Jackson is committed to Kizer. He can just go and play and not worry that the bad throw or bad play is going to lead to second-guessing and cost him his job.Jerseys From China.The caveat, of course, is that Kizer has to continue to earn the spot, so if there are consistent struggles over several weeks, Jackson might re-evaluate. And if Kizer goes a year without proving he belongs, the team also will re-evaluate after the season.China Jerseys.But intent in this instance is important, and the Browns and Jackson clearly intend to give Kizer the long-haul look.